Cross Platform

"With the surge of cross platform technology we here at O'Tech Software feel that it's time to take mobile software development to a whole new level."


Test trails with users to provide optimal designs.

Cross Platform

Cross platform support. All products are designed to support web and mobile platforms.


By having simplicity in mind we are able to create fun and easy-going products.

"There working software and then there is efficient software."

John O'Sullivan

About Me

Hello, my name is John O’Sullivan. I am in my fourth year of pursuing a BS/MS in Computer Science at Loyola University Chicago. O’Tech Software was created to showcase the skills I have learned through my nine years of software development. At a young age, some of my best memories are in front of a terminal on a MacBook G4 executing commands and writing shell scripts.

In high school, I began to explore iOS development. In between school and work, I have developed an interest in full-stack solutions, which has lead me to delve further in to cross platforms products like Xamarin. The core of O’Tech Software is to take my experience and passion for efficient software to make an impact on the world around me. (My Github)